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Logisti-Seal: The Only Sealant Proven
to Reduce Costs

Logisti-Seal is a patented polymer formula and process that actually seals, bonds with, and protects any hard, non-porous surface; rather than merely covering it. The sealant prevents contaminants, abrasives, and foreign debris from breaking down the paint or bare surface; while also providing a barrier from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Logisti-Seal prevents dirt, chemicals, and other contaminants from adhering to the sealed surface. This results in a cleaner surface for a longer period of time. In operational testing on both commercial aircraft and ground vehicles, wash cycles were reduced in excess of fifty percent. Not only did Logisti- Seal extend the wash cycle, it also decreased the labor, decreased the amount of water used and supplies required for the cosmetic maintenance on the asset. The sealant protects from harsh chemicals such as hydraulic fluid or magnesium chloride; while allowing their removal with simply a wet cotton cloth.

Application of Logisti-Seal guarantees an extension of the life of an aged or freshly painted surface. Over 2000 hours of Accelerated Laboratory Testing at Q-Lab performed to ASTM and MIL standards quantify the improved appearance, protection, and durability associated with the Logisti-Seal product. Both painted and bare aluminum surfaces treated with Logisti-Seal showed a significantly better performance in color, gloss, and distinction of image (DOI) retention; as well as improved resistance to erosion and corrosion.

Logisti-Seal offers a vast array of different savings for a multitude of industries. Improve company image, extend the life of any bare or paint surface, reduce wash frequency and cost, eliminate the use of harsh chemicals, reduce the amount of water used to clean the asset, protect against graffiti, protect against corrosion, and reduce fuel burn with one simple application. Therefore, Logisti-Seal is truly the only Sealant proven to improve appearance, protect the environment and reduce cost.